Lancaster Commons

Shortly after completing a full siding rehabilitation project in 2022, Lancaster Commons had another exterior focused project they wanted to check off their list. In 2023 Green State Construction was brought in to modify the new 2nd story balconies drainage path to alleviate the water intrusion onto the first floor balconies below. 

The second story balconies of these units were recently treated to a new composite deck surface but this left the possibility of an unfortunate over watering situation for those who happen to be sitting below. 

Our crews installed sloped framing to the under side of balconies to provide a sufficient substrate to which the metal roofing would be secured to. We also installed framing for the future gutter and downspout assembly.

While this was a relatively straightforward project it did provide its own unique set of challenges along the way. 

The final step was to add a new steel gutters and downspouts to divert the water runoff into nearby green spaces.